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报告题目:Detached shock past a blunt body

报 告 人:向伟 教授(香港城市大学)


线上地址:Tencent会议,会议号185 686 835


邀 请 人:向昭银 教授


The main goal of this talk is to construct a detached shock solution of the steady Euler system for inviscid compressible irrotational flow. In particular, we seek a shock solution with the far-field state being the strong shock solution obtained from the shock polar analysis. Furthermore, we prove that the detached shock forms a convex curve around the blunt body if the Mach number of the incoming supersonic flow is sufficiently large, and if the boundary of the blunt body is convex. This work is collaborated with Myoungjean Bae.


    向伟博士于2007年获得四川大学数学学士学位,2012年获得复旦大学数学博士学位,现为香港城市大学理学院教授,2014年加入香港城市大学之前,他曾担任牛津大学数学研究所蒂奇马什研究员和牛津大学凯布尔学院研究员。研究兴趣包括流体力学中的非线性偏微分方程及相关分析。曾获香港数学学会杰出青年研究学者奖,在SIAM Journal on Mathematical AnalysisAdvances in MathematicsNonlinearityJournal of Differential Equations等国际顶级一流刊物上发表论文二十余篇。

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