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英国牛津大学Jose Antonio Carrillo教授学术报告

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报告题目:Aggregation-Diffusion and Kinetic PDEs for collective behavior: applications in the sciences

人:英国牛津大学 Jose Antonio Carrillo 教授


线上地址:Tencent会议,会议号475 340 701

人:向昭银 教授



I will present a survey of micro, meso and macroscopic models where repulsion and attraction effects are included through pairwise potentials. I will discuss their interesting mathematical features and applications in mathematical biology and engineering. Qualitative properties of local minimizers of the interaction energies are crucial in order to understand these complex behaviors. I will showcase the breadth of possible applications with three different phenomena in applications: segregation, phase transitions and consensus.



Jose Antonio Carrillo,英国牛津大学数学系教授,国际工业与应用数学学会会士,1996年在University of Granada获得博士学位;主要从事偏微分方程的数学理论与数值分析研究;已在Duke Math JComm Pure Appl MathArch Rational Mech AnalJ European Math SocJ Functional AnalSIAM J Math AnalMath Models Methods Appl SciJ Comp PhysPNAS等国际一流数学期刊上发表学术论文190余篇,被SCI引用1700余次(H指数:20);现任SIAM J Math AnalJ London Math SocProc London Math SocBull London Math Soc20余个高水平SCI学术期刊编委。



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